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Olive Dell's 10th Annual Bare Burro 5K
will be on April 28, 2019!
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Course Preview


On race day the weather was warm and sunny.

It was the perfect temperature to strip down to your birthday suit and enjoy the second annual 5K Bare Burro run/walk hosted at Olive Dell Ranch.

The course was well marked and there were plenty of water stations throughout the course and back to the finish line.

Guides were posted along the route make sure runners stayed on the correct course.

Each person's time was recorded when they crossed the finish line and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals were awarded to men's and women's categories of all age groups.

Olive Dell's Café delicious was open before and after the race.

Many folks stayed afterwards to enjoy lunch and a dip in the pool or soak in the hot tub.

Everyone had a great time!

Make your plans to join us next year!

"Fantastic weather! Wonderful run and a terrific day!

Thanks for opening up your facilities, and to everyone for their welcoming attitude.

I can't wait to come back!

Paul K

Another great event!

I attened and ran the 2013 Bare Burro 5K.

The staff, members as well as guests, were all so friendly. I met some wonderful people from close and far away locations and enjoyed conversations with many.

As usual, accomadations were terrific and the café dinning superb!

Have not had a bad day at the resort since I started going there.

Bobby and Becki, you have a great resort and I can see you work very hard at providing a clean, comfortable and friendly environment for your members and guests!

See you again soon-

A special thanks this year's
2018 BB5K sponsors:

Pickle Juice
Eliminate muscle cramps

goodr sunglasses

Thankyou for donating so many glasses
to the event - and helping us promote it!

What can you expect on the day of
the BB5K at Olive Dell Ranch?
We invite you to enjoy your day or weekend
at Olive Dell Ranch
and run/walk the Nude Bare Burro 5K.

On Saturday, check out the Naked Beer Mile fun run!

Saturday April 27, 2019

The beer mile has become a fun tradition
with a number of running groups.

Start by drinking a beer,
then run 1/4 mile,
drink another beer,
and run another 1/4 mile, etc.
until you complete one mile.

Since it’s at Olive Dell, we’ve added the twist:
that participants also do it naked.

You can run, walk, skip, saunter, stagger or crawl your way to the finish line.

This event alone, registration is $10
whick includes the beer
and some fun prizes for the top finishers!

Advance reservations not required, a registration table
will be set up by the clubhouse starting at 2pm on Saturday.

Olive Dell facilities include CAMPING / CABINS / RV SITES

Olive Dell has a variety of ways you can come and spend the weekend. All cabins are already reserved for the Bare Burro weekend. There are a limited number of RV sites
with hook-ups, and plenty of dry sites for RV’s and camping.

If you have a smaller RV or tent no reservations are required.
Just check in at Olive Dell when you arrive and we’ll help you find a place.

If you have a larger RV, or want to camp with a larger group
please call us at 909-825-6619 to make arrangements.

On Saturday join us for dinner with friends at our Café Delicious.

The restaurant will be offering a special race weekend dinner
on Saturday night. Dinner's at 6pm

Then, evening activities in the clubhouse, spa and hot tub!

The Thirst Aid station will be open with a variety of liquid refreshments all evening.

View Bare Burro 5K
run/walk past
participants video!

Get tips here
for how to recover
from a hard
walk/ run/ race!

Next year's BB5K is being held
on Sunday April 28, 2019

Registration starts at 8am
Race time is at 10:30am

This is a nude 5K trail run/walk through the beautiful foothills
of Olive Dell Ranch.

The race begins and ends at the clubhouse by the swimming pool.
(There is a large Jacuzzi, sun deck, restaurant, bar and showers. All facilities are open to race participants for the entire day).

Registration starts at 8am
Race time is at 10:30am

All participants run or walk nude (shoes allowed - and encouraged).

The run is primarily:


~ dirt fire roads with
~ some asphalt &
~ sections of dirt trail

It’s a technical course designed for fun and enjoyment.

There are amazing views of the countryside.

Donkeys roam throughout the canyon and
you may even get a glimpse of one!

Participants range from accomplished runners, running clubs, men, women, young and old -looking for healthy, fun exercise in a natural setting. Whether you run, walk or some combination - it’s a fun and totally unique experience.

Throughout the course, volunteers will be handing out water to help keep you quenched as you go along.

An awards ceremony will follow the event.

The overall top 3 finishers in each category, men's and women's, will be recognized to receive their award! Additionally, medals are awarded to those in the top 3 places for each age class in men's and women's categories.

Suggested items to bring with you:

Please be sure to keep yourself well hydrated before, during and after the race!
Towel to sit on (This is nudist etiquette)
Good running shoes
Sandles or flip-flops for afterwards
Shower available if you want to get cleaed up, afterwards
Flashlight -if you plan to stay the night
Have breakfast, lunch and dinner at Olive Dell's Cafè Deliciious

A word about vehicle keys:
where do you put them when you have no pockets?

Keep track of your vehicle keys!

Remember not to leave them locked in your car or truck!

If you'd like, you can check them in at registration before the race.

Olive Dell's restaurant will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The pool, showers and spa are all available.
Stay after the race and enjoy them!
Bring a book, visit with others
or just lounge around the pool.

The sun's rays can be very intense so
remember to bring sun screen, sun glasses and a hat.

"I visited Olive Dell a couple times several years ago and haven't been back since this 5K Bare Burro Run.

I see a big change since the last time I visited. I not only enjoyed my stay the previous times but found the people and the owners very friendly and approachable.

I was fortunate enough to introduce myself to Becky after the race. I was the guy that thanked her for pulling me along the whole race. The facilities are very well maintained, the people are very nice and the 5K run was nicely organized.

I will be visiting again soon, during the week or on a leisure weekend, with my wife or alone...since she's still working and we get busy with family on the weekends.

Thanks again for such a great time and visit during the Bare Burro 5K Nude Run. I'll be there for sure next year!"



Thank you so much for helping us feel so welcome at your resort last weekend for the Bare Burro 5K Run.

You were the first person we bumped into on Saturday when we stopped in to scope things out for the run. We are the people with the red car at the front gate when we asked for the office. I’m not sure we told you we live in Phoenix. We seemed to bump into you everywhere and enjoyed several conversations with you. We assume you are the face of the resort, so you have a lovely and charming resort.

The run was rigorous, the hardest 5K I have ever run. However, I hope to come back next year for the run and improve on my time.

We hope to see you sooner than that though, when we have a chance to venture to southern CA again. Will you be likely to post the results and photos of the 2012 run? I’m anxious to see how I compared to the rest of the field.

Thanks again for the great hospitality last weekend. Best wishes as you work your dreams there at Olive Dell.

Ken K.

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